How to Connect ps4 Controller

To connect a PS4 controller to a PlayStation 4 console, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on Your PS4 Console:
    • Press the power button on the front of your PS4 console to turn it on.
  2. Activate the PS4 Controller:
    • Press and hold the “PlayStation” button in the center of the controller until the light on the back starts flashing.
  3. Put the Controller in Pairing Mode:
    • While the light is flashing, the controller is in pairing mode. This means it’s ready to connect to a new device.
  4. Navigate to Settings:
    • Using your existing controller or the buttons on the console itself, go to the main menu and select “Settings.”
  5. Access Devices:
    • In the Settings menu, select “Devices.”
  6. Select Bluetooth Devices:
    • In the Devices menu, select “Bluetooth Devices.”
  7. Choose Your Controller:
    • In the Bluetooth Devices menu, select “Wireless Controller.” Your PS4 will search for nearby Bluetooth devices.
  8. Connect the Controller:
    • Once your PS4 locates the controller, it will appear on the screen. Select it to initiate the connection.
  9. Test the Connection:
    • After selecting the controller, press the “PlayStation” button. If successful, the light on the back of the controller will stop flashing and remain a solid color, indicating that it’s connected.
  10. Finished:
    • Your PS4 controller is now connected to your console and ready to use.

Please note that the PS4 controller can only be connected to one device at a time. If you want to connect it to a different device, you’ll need to follow these steps again. Additionally, make sure your PS4 and controller have enough battery power to complete the process.

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